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Refer a friend and make 100€ per friend recruited!
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Nanny and Babysitting jobs in Paris and in France

Speaking-agency has over 1000 jobs in Paris and in France available throughout the year! We are ALWAYS recruiting! 

A childcare job with Speaking-agency in France consists of looking after French children, talking and playing with them in your mother tongue (mostly in English and German) and using a specific teaching method.

Our nanny and babysitting jobs in Paris and in France

TeatchaBeing a "baby-speaker" for Speaking-agency is a valuable and enjoyable experience for native level English speakers planning to spend some time in France.

  • Your role will be to take care of children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old, which would involve talking with them, playing games and using a specific teaching material designed to facilitate early language acquisition

More than just a nanny job in France : become a Language Ambassador

  • Flexible work-schedule: You can choose the number of hours you would like to work depending on your availabilities (perfect for exchange/gap year students). The selected applicants usually work between 5 and 20 hours per week. If a 20-hour per week job is not sufficient for you we can recommend other part time jobs in Paris.

  • Declared job in France (you are entitled to French health insurance) – this is depending on what sort of visa you have, ie: people with working holiday visas are not entitiled to this (health insurance)

  • We offer training to learn about our innovative early language acquisition method developed by specialists in child bilingualism.

  • The opportunity of meeting a French family and learning about French culture.

  • A competitive salary, between € 10 and €13 per hour before tax. The varied rates depend on the location, the number of children you are taking care of, and the number of hours worked. You will get paid twice a month.

  • As you require a French bank account to be able to work in France, we have a partnership with BRED, who can assist you with opening an account.

Every year we offer a few exciting internal career opportunities , within our office which include positions in HR department, team leader to help organize events or assistant-trainer for the training sessions!

Requirements to work for us

You have to:
- be over 18 years old
- be a native level English speaker, or have a high proficiency in English
- have some experience, informal or formal, in working with children
- be an EU citizen or holder of a relevant visa to work in France
- stay at least 3 months
- no minimum level of French required!

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Find out more about what Dana has to say regarding her experience as a baby-speaker in Paris:

What are the requirements to get a job?

> to be over 18
> to be a native level English speaker

> to have some experience in working with children 

> to be a EU citizen or holder of a student/working holiday/working visa


1000 Jobs Available


Jobs for English Speakers in Paris and in France

  • Work with kids and pass on your knowledge and passion for languages!
  • Discover a new way of teaching!
  • Full training provided
  • Free Velib' (bike sharing) yearly pass
  • Invitations to our events: Join a community!