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Refer a friend and make 100€ per friend recruited!
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Jobs in Lille for English speakers : Babysitting and teaching job opportunities in Lille Area!

We are an innovative company focusing on childcare and the education of foreign languages. 

Speaking-agency : over 1000 English speakers hired every year in France

With over 1,000 jobs offered each year to English speakers looking for English speaking jobs in France, we are the leaders in childcare and in education of foreign languages. We are looking for those who are either native or bilingual in English. We are located all throughout France in 6 different cities: Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse, and Nantes. Our determination to always be the best has gained us recognition as the winners of the 2009 European Innovative Company Contest.  

Our babysitting and teaching jobs in Lille

There are two main jobs that we focus on and those are babysitting / teaching.

The babysitting positions consist of caring for the child’s basic needs, feeding, bathing, and putting the child to bed. We give you materials needed as a starter kit to teach the children English. However, what sets us apart is that we give you the leeway to be to teach them in your own way.   

The teaching job consists of being able to teach from beginners to the well advanced in many different languages. Most of the working days are Wednesdays and Fridays between 2 to 8 hours a week. 

There is no specific diploma required nor a minimum amount of French knowledge needed.

However, applicants must be 18 years or older with either an EU citizenship or a visa. 

The job : what we provide you with

For all new employees we provide a training day in order to get a feel of what we expect from you and what you can expect from the job.

Twice a year we have an intergration day, this day is used to partake in activities to be able to better know your co-workers.

Speaking-agency also hsost social events like wine and cheese parties and bar gatherings throughout the year to help you to get to know your collegues better.

Do you get around by bike or have always wanted to, we also provide an annual Carte Vélib.

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Jobs for English Speakers in Paris and in France

  • Work with kids and pass on your knowledge and passion for languages!
  • Discover a new way of teaching!
  • Full training provided
  • Free Velib' (bike sharing) yearly pass
  • Invitations to our events: Join a community!