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Refer a friend and make 100€ per friend recruited!

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Refer a friend and make 100€ per friend recruited!
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Work with children in France : our "Refer a Friend" program

Discover our "Refer a Friend" Program and win 100€ per friend recruited! 2000 Jobs in Paris France are available every year! We are recruiting for teaching jobs in Paris France and baby sitting jobs in Paris France.

At Speaking-agency recruitment is always on-going: we are always looking for native or bilingual English & German speakers. Our rush periods are in September (over 1500 jobs in Paris available) and in January (over 500 jobs available).

Talk to your friends about Speaking-agency and win a prize worth 100€ (FNAC, Printemps, Darty, Disneyland ...) per friend recruited. You will get the reward after the friend you referred completes 30 hours of work.

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It's very easy! Send your personalized hyperlink to your friend (e.g. http://www.speaking-agency.com/ambassador/xxxxxxxxx).


To do so:

--> If you already have an account with us, you have to login into your private space and click on the "Refer a Friend" tab.

--> If you don't have a private space, click on the button "Refer a Friend" below, then, once you are in the Refer a Friend webpage, click on "Registration" in the box "Join the RaF program!" and complete the form in less than a minute!

Once you've done that, click on the "Diffusion" tab, here you will have the opportunity to communicate your personalized hyperlink via Facebook, Twitter or Email.

As soon as your friend receives it and clicks on it, he will be automatically redirected to the application form web page with your hyperlink code prerecorded.

And you're ready to go!


Click on the button below to subscribe or log in to the "Refer a Friend" program!


Tutorial: "How to use my "Refer a Friend" program"


1000 Jobs Available


Jobs for English Speakers in Paris and in France

  • Work with kids and pass on your knowledge and passion for languages!
  • Discover a new way of teaching!
  • Full training provided
  • Free Velib' (bike sharing) yearly pass
  • Invitations to our events: Join a community!