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Refer a friend and make 100€ per friend recruited!
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Du you have a dream about going to France and find a job ? Check out the many job opportunities you have as an English speaker in France!

Expat jobs in FranceYou may have a dream of going to France one day, but perhaps the thought of job opportunities hold you back or scares you from taking the plunge and go abroad?

No need to worry – in the following we will present to you a list of job opportunities for English speakers in France!


The best English speaking jobs in France

For the majority it can be difficult to find a job in a foreign country, particularly if you don't speak the language in question; however there exist great job opportunities in France in several sectors, if you are native English, whether you are looking for a part time job or a student job!

Expat jobs in FranceBabystitting & teaching jobs !

 In France, there is a good opportunity to use your mother tongue as an international babysitter or a teacher.  Numerous of families look for an English babysitter to teach their children a new language in  a fun and exciting way!


At Speaking-Agency we are looking for over 1000 bilingual speakers every year in several languages. We are recruiting in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Nantes. Speaking-Agency is among other things also a good occasion to meet other bilingual people and a good way to set off your network in France with our frequently organized events.

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Tourism, Retail and Sales

France is one of the most visited countries in the world and count for a big part of the French economy, which also means that there is an enormous need for English-speaking people, especially in retail and sales; including hotel managers, guides, travel agents etc.  If you have a strong language profile there is excellent opportunities to apply for a job in this sector, or in one out of the many international companies in France.

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Expat jobs in FranceBar and restaurants jobs 

It goes without saying that France is one of the countries in the world where you can find an endless amount of bars and restaurants due to the gastronomic culture. If you like the human contact and the restaurant business, there are plenty of possibilities to apply for a job in this sector. The restaurant business relies on the foreign customers and English Speaking- or bilingual people are of this reason of high value.

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