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Are you looking for french films with english subtitles in Paris? Take a look at our great partner, Lost in Frenchlation and what they offer!

french film with english subtitlesHave you wanted to go to the cinema to see a French movie, even though you don’t speak French? Then you have probably also given up when you realize that it is almost impossible to find a French movie with English subtitles, which is kind of frustrating when you want to get to know French culture. Despite the fact that this mission might seem impossible, our fabulous partner Lost in Frenchlation has made watching a French movie with English subtitles in Paris possible and this allows you to get a piece of French film culture in spite of the language barrier.


Lost in frenchlation – a concept that allows internationals to watch a French movie with English subtitles in the cinemas in Paris

Lost in Frenchlation is a company that makes sure that it is not only the French people who can go to the cinema and watch French movies. The idea of the project was born when the founders of the company realized that it was almost impossible to watch a French movie with English subtitles in Paris’ cinemas. In this way all international students or expats are given the same experience as French people. Lost in Frenchlation makes it possible for all non-french speakers to watch a wide selection of recent French movies on Friday. But the concept is much more than just a simple cinema experience in Paris, it is also a great opportunity to meet other foreigners as these events are often associated with a little apéro. The program for the showings is available on Lost in frenchlation’s website where you can also find other relevant information about the concept.

french movies with english subtitlesFrench movies with English subtitles — a good way to learn French

Learning a new language can be very overwhelming, especially in the beginning of your stay, and therefore it makes good sense to turn the weekly french lessons into something fun and entertaining. Experts confirm that watching french television with english subtitles in the language you are trying to learn,  is a very efficient way to pick up a foreign language, so going to the cinema to watch a French movie with English subtitles can be a great way to get introduced to the French language and culture in a more relaxing way.


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