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Refer a friend and make 100€ per friend recruited!
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Working in Paris and in France for Speaking-agency

You're thinking about moving to France? Every year we hire over 1000 native or bilingual English or German speakers, throughout the whole year. 

Working in Paris: live a unique experience!

Not only is it a rewarding experience but it is also a fun experience. 

We frequently organize:

  •   Training sessions
  •   Wine & cheese events
  •   Get togethers in bars

Work & recruitment schedule to start working in Paris or in other cities in France

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The job consists of after-schoolchild-minding / teaching through one’s native language in a fun and innovative way for children ranging from the ages of 3-10 years. 

A typical work schedule would be the following :

  •   Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday : 4.30 to 7.30 PM + Wednesday half or full day work

Our Job in Paris is a great alternative to being an Au Pair : we offer a rich learning experience, independence and the chance to be part of a community. 

Working with Speaking-agency can be a great alternative to au pair programs

  • You are independent (candidates have their own apartment)
  • Your duties are limited to taking care of the children and teaching them (no house work involved)
  • You learn about teaching (training sessions developed in partnership with CNRS-French National Center for Scientific Research)
  • You are invited to frequent social events

You have free time to travel in France and in Europe during school holidays

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Jobs for English Speakers in Paris and in France

  • Work with kids and pass on your knowledge and passion for languages!
  • Discover a new way of teaching!
  • Full training provided
  • Free Velib' (bike sharing) yearly pass
  • Invitations to our events: Join a community!