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An unexpected job : Language Creator!

art of language invention

You may not know this name but you’ve probably heard the sound of a language he invented. David J. Peterson is fluent in many languages (actually eight languages such a German, French, Spanish, English, Arabic,  Esperanto, american sign language and Russian) and his job is to create language for fiction. For example, he is the one who invented the Dothraki language in Game of Thrones but also the High Valerian from the same show. David J. Peterson even created a full language for the giant named Hodor, ironically reduced to a single word : HODOR!  If you are not into George R.R Martin’s show,  you can also find his creation in  the Marvel universe in the movie Thor 2 : The Dark World or in the Syfy show called Defiance. Just for this particular show, David J.Peterson has actually created 4 Languages so far, and it’s not over yet.

Language, an important fool for immersion

In his new book, The Art of Language invention,  you can find a captivating story of invented languages (like Star Trek’s Klingon and Tolkien’s Quenya) and also learn how to create your own fictional language thanks to Peterson’s advice.  With this book, you can’t help noticing how important a language is when you want to immerge in a culture , fictional or real. That’s why we believe in Language immersion at Speaking-agency. Language is a path to culture and even if you can't give Dothraki lessons, if you speak a foreign language we have babysitting and teaching jobs for you so that you can help french people discover the beauty and the mysteries of your mother tongue. And Who knows? One day you may be able to create your own language?

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