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Congratulations to the new Employee of the Month : the english teacher Calum

Every month Speaking-Agency award an employee who was noticed for his good work. For the month of March, we would like to congratulate Calum, one of our English Teachers in Lyon!

This British student is before all a competent and clever teacher. Settled in France 5 years ago, Calum’s fluency in French allows him to carry out a Masters Degree in History.

« His lessons are perfect »

Clément, one of the students that Calum teaches English to, is convinced; « His lessons are perfect ».

This future English speaker tells us: « the lessons meet all my expectations, I wanted to improve my oral English and it worked ».

This view is also shared by Baptiste, his mother says that « he is satisfied, he became more comfortable and confident in speaking English »   

We asked Calum to explain his experience as a teacher

Thanks to his knowledge, Calum succeeded in establishing a trustful relationship with his students, allowing their fast learning of the English language.

« I have been teaching English for three years and a half to students of diverse levels and ages ».

"Each student or class brings its own challenges and I like figuring out how to adapt to them.”

« The most important thing for me is keeping the person interested and engaged»

“ As much as I can, I try to make my lessons fun, so if an exercise is dry but important, I might have a break where we'll sing a song or play a game for kids, or for older students I might break it up with an exercise like a tongue twister or a word game.. 

The most important thing for me is keeping the person interested and engaged, making sure the lessons are going at the right pace and are interesting. »

Furthermore, Calum is a very helpful employee when it comes to social networks; his daily help in Speaking-Agency’s Employees group is undeniably useful.

In a word, Calum’s work is a great reflection of the quality of Speaking-Agency’s Courses and Babysitting services and we thank him.

Congratulations once again to Calum who rightfully deserves the  ’Employee of the Month’ Title! 


You want to be our next Employee of the Month and win a 70€ Smartbox ? 

Speaking-Agency chooses its Employee of the Month based on 3 criterias ; 

-The satisfaction of the family you work for

-Your pedagogical approach

+ Your eventual positive impact on the Speaking-Community Group


If you think you meet with these criterias, just fill in the form below and become our new Employee of the Month!

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