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Why is English a boost to get employed in France?

Speaking a foreign language is often perceived as a matter of culture and communication. But not only! It is above all a key to success in the French labour market!

More opportunities for English fluent speakers

Most companies who we asked say that linguistic skills are often – in some cases always- an important criteria when they select candidates during the employment process.

According to a study directed by OpinionWay on behalf of a famous job website, one French worker out of two feels professionally restrained because of his/her poor English.

In the Business world, fluency in English is becoming more crucial each year. Therefore, only ¼ of employees claim that it never was a need in their professional life.

According to a study carried out by Les Echos, English is by far the most  demanded foreign language.

We can note that almost 9 out of 10 offers requiring a foreign language demand English, which is ten times more than the demand for German and 20 times more than the demand for Spanish.



Increased wages for multilingual talents!

Having solid knowledge in the most desired languages on the French labour market represents a clear advantage for the candidate given that he can apply to positions offering the best wages.

“Les Echos”  say that job offers requiring the English language are paid 15% more than the national average. Interesting, no?

Furthermore, 9 managers out of 10 declare having had to use at least one foreign language in their career, and this trend is constantly growing. Unsurprisingly, English stays the most common language (99 %) before Spanish (25%), German (18%), Italian (10%) and Chinese (Mandarin) (2%).

Are you looking for an opportunity in the education field?

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