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Learn Chinese with our Chinese lessons at home

We offer Chinese lessons at home for all ages, for those who wish to develop or improve their Chinese, with Chinese-speaking teachers. 


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Chinese lessons everywhere in France


Over the last decades China has grown like never before and bit by bit the country has imposed itself as one of the most influential countries on political and economic aspects worldwide. In this context, the Chinese language is rightly considered as one with a future, and its presence is now rising in many schools.


With Speaking-agency, learning Chinese in a natural way has been made possible for all ages thanks to native or bilingual teachers. Immersive learning is a great way to have a stimulating setting : it's as if the student were in China as long as the private lesson lasts ! 

Our Chinese teachers


All of our Chinese teachers are Chinese-speakers and have teaching experience.


They accompany their student in each stage of learning, whether it be the discovery of Chinese characters (writing) or of different tones (specific pitches and modulations of each syllable of a word) that determine the meaning

Living the Chinese language!


Our method's specificity is to teach Chinese using as little French as possible, in spite of the language barrier. Your Chinese teacher accompanies you and makes you discover his/her language and culture with passion ! 

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