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Campus Expatriation

Return expatriation or about to go on international mobility? We offer language courses at home 100% immersion for young adults.

Improve or maintain their level with a teacher of foreign mother tongue

Young woman waiting patiently at the airport

Our foreign language courses allow students to learn through immersion teachers of foreign mother tongue and emphasize learning, natural and pragmatic, to facilitate adaptation in a foreign mobility.

To ensure that teachers develop oral expression and use of scenarios that allow an adaptive advance work.

Our foreign language teachers 

All our teachers are not only bilingual and native speakers of the target language but also experienced: They have at least a recognized teaching qualification (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA ...) and often several years of experience. They try to pull up students by immersing them constantly in the language of instruction and create a real dialogue. 

Our goal? 

Maintain or increase your level as if immersion abroad! 
Transmit the language of instruction as a "tool" and not as a mere school subject.

Looking for a job?

Speaking-Agency offers jobs in Paris for English speakers including student jobs in Paris as well as jobs for Americans such as babysitting jobs in Paris and many others.


Join our team and teach English in Paris with Speaking-Agency!

Why choose us?

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