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English courses for your children



Afterschool, on wednesdays and on the weekends

Kid & Teacher


By a bilingual or native English-speaking teacher at home

Happy multilingual boy


From 1h30 a week

English speaking teacher


From 36€ / h (18€ after tax reduction)

 All of our English teachers are American or British! Your child learns a new language with songs, games and activities! A fun and recreational activity.

Bilingual or native English-speaking teacher

All of our teachers are bilingual or native speakers in the chosen language (english, german ...)  and have previous experience in teaching. They use tools developped by Speaking-agency in partnership with experts of language acquisition - in particular Maria Kihlstedt, a psycholinguist speacialized in bilingualism from the X-CNRS in Paris.

A special approach adapted to the age and level of your child


The Speaking-agency goal is to teach English to your children in a fun and creative way through language immersion. With her Speaking-agency passport in hand, your child will visit English speaking countries from all over the world, without even leaving their home!


We have carefully selected in collaboration with language teaching experts the best educational resources adapted to the age and level of your child. For students in primary classes, we chose Tiger Time, a series from Macmillan, sent directly to the family's home. The lessons are structured to ensure complete language learning. Based on the Tiger Time method, your speaker devotes time to the acquisition of the new language through teaching vocabulary, grammar and improving comprehension with visual and audio materials.

The teaching staff at Speaking-agency prepares fun and creative projects throughout the year: the scariest Halloween photo, write his own letter in English to Santa, make a card for Mother's Day, using 100% language immersion! English is no longer a single school subject but a means to express themselves, communicate and have fun, an open door to the world.


Les ateliers sont structurés pour assurer un apprentissage complet. En s’appuyant sur la méthode Tiger Time, votre speaker consacre du temps à l’acquisition de la nouvelle langue, du vocabulaire, de la grammaire et travaille la compréhension grâce aux supports audios.


Puis place à la créativité ! L’équipe pédagogique Speaking-agency prépare tout au long de l’année des « activity projects » : concours de la photo la plus effrayante pour Halloween, écrire sa propre lettre en anglais au Père Noël, réaliser une carte pour la fête des mères le tout 100% en immersion linguistique!

At-home English lessons for your child


It's not just an English lesson! We want your child to learn the language in a natural way. 


Your child will fully experience the language with a bilingual or native speaker.


After school or on Wednesdays, a native English teacher plays, sings and does fun activities with your child ... 100% through English!

Are you looking for an educative multilingual job?

Speaking-Agency offers jobs in Paris France for English speakers including student jobs, expats jobs in Paris, and many more such as babysitting jobs.


Become a language ambassador and teach English in Paris from now on!