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Immersive English with a bilingual or native speaker


Afterschool, on wednesdays and on the weekends


By a bilingual or native English-speaking teacher at home


1h30 per week


From 38€ / h (19€ after tax exemption)


Improving or maintaining his/her English level with a bilingual or native speaker

Our English lessons allow students to learn through immersion thanks to English-speaking teachers. They benefit from a natural and pragmatic learning of a language, meant to facilitate the transition of moving to a foreign country. To do so, the teachers seeks to develop oral expression and resort to role-playing which works as an adaptative anticipation. 


For middle schoolers and high schoolers (collégiens & lycéens) who have already lived in another country, the goal of our English lessons is to increase the student's                                                                                   English level. The teacher challenges their students through an educational                                                                                             program based amongst other things on : oral expression and conversation, role-                                                                                   playing, memorization of vocabulary, acquisition of knowledge through English. 


Our language teachers

Not only are all of our teachers bilingual or native speakers of the taught language, but they also have experience. They try to encourage the students by constantly immersing them in the taught language and by creating an actual dialogue.

Our goal ?

Maintaining or developing your child's level through immersion as if he were abroad! 


Passing on the taught language as a « tool » and not as a mere school subject.