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English courses at home for getting into an European section


During the week or on the weekends, during the day or in the evening


By a bilingual or native teacher at home


1h30 per week


From 38€ / h (19€ after tax exemption)

Les sections européennes, présentes au collège comme au lycée, sont connues pour leur élitisme notamment en matière de niveau d’anglais. Les collégiens et lycéens doivent non seulement acquérir un haut niveau d’anglais pour rentrer dans ces classes prestigieuses, mais aussi le conserver pour y rester.



The European sections, available in middle school and high school, are known for their high standards especially regarding the English level.  Not only do middle schoolers and high schoolers ( collégiens & lycéens) acquire a high English level to get in these prestigious grades, but they also have to maintain it in order to be able to stay.





A quick way to meet required standards

Both intensive and immersive, our individual English lessons for the European section allow children to rapidly improve whilst learning in an original way. The goal is to identify the student's challenges in order to quickly bring him up to required standards. 


In order to prepare for the European section, the student is put in a class situation by his teacher who challenges him/her on his/her oral understanding (speaking exclusively in English) and on her/his oral expression (pronunciation, idiomatic expressions...) whilst using backup material depending on the student's likes (books, video etc.). 


The individual English lessons for the European section are carried out by English-speakers with teaching experience. They show the necessary rigour that requires the preparation for the European sections but they also make learning English enjoyable whilst sharing their culture and experiences abroad.

Pour préparer l’entrée en section européenne, l’élève est mis en situation de cours par son professeur qui le challenge sur sa compréhension orale (en s’exprimant exclusivement en anglais) et son expression orale (prononciation, tournures de phrases…) en utilisant des supports choisis en fonction des goûts de l’élève (livres, vidéos etc.).

Les cours particuliers d’anglais pour section européenne sont assurés par des professeurs anglophones et expérimentés. Ils emploient la rigueur nécessaire pour une préparation aux classes européennes mais s’efforcent également de donner goût à l’apprentissage de l’anglais en partageant leur culture et expériences à l’étranger.


Our +

Our bilingual or native teachers allow students to see themselves in a European context : they can overcome the language barrier without the the fear of mocking remarks and of making mistakes.


English is taught as a « tool » and not as a mere school subject, and that's what the student will experience in the European section.