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GMAT preparation and Top Engineer & Business schools

Adult courses


En semaine ou le week-end, dans la journée ou le soir

Language booster


Par un professeur natif ou parfaitement bilingue à domicile



À partir d'1h30 par semaine

Learn a new language


Dès 40 € l'heure (20 € après défiscalisation)

We offer private lessons in English or other languages ??superior home to prepare for your exams with professors of foreign language.

Special language courses to prepare for your exams 

The success of your studies is now inseparable from the mastery of foreign languages. Tertiary students can now benefit from our courses in specialized support to pass exams! 


During one to one, our services are designed to identify the difficulties of the student and to develop a deeper level of knowledge, while witnessing the joy that can come from learning a foreign language . The individual and immersive format allows the student to progress quickly and to communicate with our knowledgeable English-speaking teachers, German, Spanish ... 




Tuition English home for GMAT preparation 

With Campus-speaking service-Speaking agency offers home study courses for GMAT preparation. 


A high GMAT score is a prerequisite for access to MBA / Master / PhD most prestigious in the world. The GMAT certify your excellence and your analytical skills. The success of your GMAT will open many doors. 


To prepare the tests, we suggest you work with a professor of English language. 

Tuition English home for the preparation CPGEs 

We offer private lessons in English for preparing at home the CPGEs English (preparatory classes for the grandes écoles) with English and competent teachers. This service is intended for students wishing to prepare for English exams.

Your course according to your availability 

To facilitate your daily life, we adapt to your schedule. The courses take place at your home at a time that suits you.

Are you looking for a rewarding multilingual job?

Speaking-Agency offers jobs in Paris for English speakers including jobs for foreigners, jobs for expats and many others such as babysitting jobs.


Join our team of language ambassadors and teach English in Paris from now on!