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Boost your learning foreign languages! We offer intensive courses to quickly learn languages. Enjoy our home tutoring with our English teachers, Spanish, German...

Our offer 


Fluency in English became the vital both in higher education and in the workplace. TOEIC or TOEFL demonstrates your level of English. 
To succeed in your studies, learning English is essential.

Students can now benefit from our courses with specialized support. We identify the individual level and difficulty of each student and then offer home tutoring tailored to their specific needs. 



Our English teachers 

All our teachers are bilingual or native English speakers. They try improve the levem of their students by immersing them constantly in the language of instruction and create a real dialogue. 

The importance of foreign languages 

Studying abroad, everyone's dream. However, the language can be a barrier. Today students must master the language as much for his studies as for his work.

Are you looking for a rewarding multilingual?

Speaking-Agency offers more than 2000 English speaking jobs in Paris! Among our part-time jobs, you may find au pair jobs, nanny jobs and many others.


To teach English in Paris, join our international community and start as soon as possible!

Why choose Speaking-Agency?

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