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Language lessons for children back from expatriation


Afterschool, on wednesdays and on the weekends


From 1h30 per week


À partir de 1h30 par semaine


From 33 € / h (17.50€ after tax exemption)

For children back from expatriation, our English lessons aim at maintaining their language level. Your English-speaking teacher plays and does activities with your child 100% in English.

Learn or maintain your English level with an English-speaking teacher


For those soon to be abroad, our aim is to teach them English in a natural way! In order to learn useful English, our teacher will work on vocabulary touching various topics through everyday situations.

Our aim? Maintaining or developping your child's level as if he were abroad in immersion!

Our language teachers


All of your teachers are bilingual or native in the language you have chosen.


For English lesson the teachers are British, American or Australian and only speak to your children in their mother tongue language.

Educational backup material used during our language lessons


We provide our teachers with backup material which helps them run sessions with different activities, games and visual backup material... 


We have adjusted the existing activities depending on your child's level. 

Looking for a new educative job?


Speaking-Agency offers jobs in Paris for English speakers including jobs in Paris for foreigners such as babysitting jobs.


Do not wait, find a work in Paris with Speaking-Agency and teach English from now on!