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School Holiday Language Courses!


During the holidays


At home


From 1h30 per week


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English course at home


The goal of our English workshops at home is to combine fun and learning. Your child plays, sings and does activities… 100% in English !


For the course for one week your child tackles subjects he/she has chosen with his/her teacher. In each session he/she learns vocabulary and expressions whilst playing, singing and doing activities.


A « week project » is presented to the parents at the end of the week, a song, a                                                                                      small play, a comic book written together…


Our teachers: Bilingual or native English-speakers

Our courses are run by bilingual and native English-speaking teachers – American or British – who have teaching experience with young children. 


We require that our teachers know how to run interactive sessions with young kids, songs, activities, small discussions, « arts&crafts » workshops… In order to do so, they use the materials provided by us, which contain visual and audio supports and have been developed in partnership with experts in language acquisition.



One-week-course during the holidays

Our courses take place at your home every morning or every afternoon of the holiday week starting from 1,5 consecutive hours

English course at school

In partnership with schools we offer immersive courses in English during the school holidays. We can work with your children during the Halloween, winter and Easter holidays and at the beginning of the summer.


Linguistic activities 100% in English

We offer a linguistic program that allows your child to smoothly become more familiar with the language through playing. His own pace for learning is always being respected. All activities are in English. They are built to make the child work on the written, oral and visual structure of the language depending on his/her age and capacities, through fun and creative workshops spread out during the day.


For the next Holidays, Speaking-Agency offers amazing themes 100% in English for your kids to improve their language skills.


For the 4 to 8 years old children:

  • « Build your own Kingdom », « International detective », « Island explorer », « World of animation ».


For ages 8 and up :

  • « Super-hero », « Be a producer at hollywood », « Time traveller » , «The kids take over »