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English lessons from 3 years-old


When ?

Afterschool, on Wednesdays and on the weekends

kid & his baby-sitter

How ?

By a bilingual or native English-speaking teacher at home

Happy multilingual boy


From 1h30 a week

English speaking baby-sitter


From 33€ / h (16.5€ after tax exemption)

Bilingual or native English-speaking teacher


All of our teachers are bilingual and native speakers of the language of your choosing: German-speakers for German lessons, Spanish-speakers for Spanish lessons... They are also experienced teachers who use the educational materials Speaking-Agency has developped in partnership with specialists in language acquisition, in particular Maria Kihlstedt, psycholinguist specialized in child bilingualism at Paris X-CNRS.

A special approach adapted to the age of your child


Speaking-Agency has a unique activity that your child will start every session with. During the first session the teacher and your child will make a passport, they will draw a portrait and write a few facts about themselves. The passport will then be used at the start of every session to pretend that they are getting on a plane and flying to a new country, a country where they can only speak English. In this country they will listen, speak, read and write only through English. Then at the end of the lesson they will tidy up their stuff and fly home again with their passport.


Speaking-Agency has carefully selected in collaboration with experts in foreign language learning, teaching materials appropriate to the age and level of your child. For your children in nursery class, we chose "My Little Island" by the highly recommended editors, Pearson.

These books are specifically designed for children whom are just starting on their journey to learn English. The topics are interesting and functional and they are presented through colourful pictures and lots of songs, with many new fun characters to discover in each level!


The lessons target listening, reading, writing and speaking, all the skills needed to learn a new language. Our teachers aim to teach vocabulary and grammar and use these new language skills in a creative way in every session.


Here at Speaking-Agency we have also designed a number of fun projects for your child to do throughout the year: prepare the scariest Halloween picture, write a letter to Father Christmas, Draw your Mardi Gras mask, all 100% though language immersion. The language becomes so much more than just a school subject for your child, the language becomes a means to communicate and have fun with her Speaker! His pace and desires are respected for learning smoothly while seeking his creativity! 

Are you looking for an educative job?

Speaking-Agency offers jobs in Paris for English speakers, including jobs in Paris for foreigners, English jobs in Paris and more... such as nanny jobs and babysitting jobs in Paris.



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