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Find an English teacher in Paris : our English lessons

Speaking-agency offers you language lessons in Paris in order for you to start learning or to improve your English – but also your German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian or Arabic – with a native or a perfectly bilingual teacher. 


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Our language lessons in Paris

We offer different learning options for all ages in Paris and its suburbs (Boulogne Billancourt, Neuilly sur Seine, Levallois etc.).
The goal of our private lessons with native teachers is to provide both a natural and intensive learning method in the chosen language.


    Our different options all have in common the immersion factor, which helps to noticeably improve :

    • your oral comprehension (the teacher speaks 100% in his/her language)
    • your oral expression (accent, memorization of idiomatic phrases etc.)
    • your writing skills (grammatical structures, etc.)

    Our teachers

    All of our language teachers :

    • are native or prefectly bilingual in the language you choose to learn
    • have teaching experience (teaching diploma or several years of experience in this field)
    • They identify the student's difficulties and work on his/her gaps depending on the profile :
    • New goals are given to talented learners so they can improve their level
    • The teacher accompanies students in difficulties so they can slowly but surely overcome the language barrier !

    Our specificity relies on teaching foreign languages with native teachers who do not use French. Our main goal is to pass on the language as a « tool-language » and not as a mere school subject. 


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