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Looking for lessons to learn English or a foreign language ? You will find here all the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

We adapt this page as new questions are raised : if you do not find the answer to your question, do not hesitate to contact our agency !


Your questions

Exclusively at your house. Our agency provides services for individuals and families and we carry out these services at the parents' home. 

No, you can make up your mind after the first lesson. After this session, a member of our staff will contact you and take a stock of the situation. If you're not satisfied, you can stop there.

Two sessions per week is ideal ! However, regularity in the sessions is already a big step ! 

If you wish to do so, we will find you another employee : we understand that when it comes to children and teenagers, it's essential to create a special link. We offer this service without any additional charge. 

Yes, as far as possible ! We sign contracts for the year and you must know that it's reassuring for the employees to know they will be working with the same family all year long : it guarantees them a stable salary. If however your employee leaves, we will do everything in our power to substitute him/her and we 're good at it ! 

Yes ! Our employees are hired for their savoir-faire and can prepare children for exams, for bilingual schools, or can simply help them to improve.

  • Our workshops are fun ! The employees are young, dynamic and used to working with children : they will know how to adapt to you children's pace and to offer different activities depending on their tiredness and on the capacity of adaption. For children from 2 to 10 years old, we provide you with an educational briefcase that contains games, activities and for the older ones, they will see directly with the teacher what they like. 

Everything is possible, but thanks to our experience and expertise, we can advise you at our best. Our employees' feedback throughout the years has allowed us to notice that it's very difficult to teach a language to children of different ages. They do not have the same learning capacity, nor the same level or the same concentration faculty ! It's best to split the lesson in two so that each child can benefit from a private lesson.

You have two years to use your hours and you can transfer them to another member of the family ! If the hourly rate changes, we will adapt the number of hours depending on the remaining credit. The hours are not refundable, if you're worried, start with a trimester !