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Intensive internship in a foreign language

For fast language learning we offer intensive courses in complete immersion in the period of school holidays.

Boost your language learning! 

During our intensive courses students receive personalized academic support, tailored to their profile and level. These courses aim to identify the difficulties of the student and to make a delivery or to express a deeper level of knowledge, while witnessing the pleasure that can make learning a language.

Hard-working girl

The student is challenge both oral expression (pronunciation, turns of phrase, fluency) and writing skills, with support determined according to its needs. 

Our English teachers, German, Spanish ... 

All our teachers are bilingual or native speakers. They try to pull up students by immersing them constantly in the language of instruction and create a real dialogue. 

One week during the holidays 

Our courses take place at your home every morning or afternoon of the holiday week, for 1-2 hours. 
Individual and immersive format allows the student to progress quickly to contact our knowledgeable English-speaking teachers. 

Your course according to your availability 

To facilitate your daily life, we adapt to your schedule. The courses take place at your home at a time that suits you.

Are you looking for an enriching job requiring to master a foreign language?

Speaking-Agency offers English speaking jobs all year long with au pair jobs and mony others such as nanny jobs in Paris


Work in Paris with Speaking-Agency and teach English in Paris from now on!

Why choose us?

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