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English teachers in Toulouse

Adults or children from 3 to 77 years old : enjoy English lessons in Toulouse to start learning or to improve in Shakespeare's language, with English-speaking teachers by your side. 


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Our English lessons in Toulouse

Our goal consists in teaching English in the most natural way by providing students with an English-speaking teacher.


Our English-speaking teachers go to your house in Toulouse or in the suburbs. Therefore the student – whatever his age or level – is 100% immersed in English : it's as if he were living abroad during the whole lesson ! 


Working on oral expression and comprehension : by listening to the English-speaking teacher, the student naturally memorizes idiomatic phrases and where to put the stress on each word. Then he can repeat these phrases in another context.


Working on the writing : These English lessons are also a good opportunity to do more traditional exercises, which will allow students to fill in their gaps or to improve their skills :

  • students with difficulties can count on the teacher to encourage them and give them personal help
  • New goals are given to advanced learners so they can go even further with the help of their teacher 

Our English courses' advantage in Toulouse

We offer English lessons in Toulouse with 100% English-speakers with teaching experience. Immersion allows students to experience everyday life situations as if they were living in an English-speaking country. The student is motivated and surpasses himself/herself all along the learning process ! 


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Are you living near Toulouse?


Are you looking for a teacher in Tournefeuille, Beauzelle, Quint-Fonsegivres or another city around Toulouse? We can answer to your needs. Feel free to contact our advisers!