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How to learn German in France

We offer German lessons in order to start learning Goethe's language or to improve your German with German-speaking teachers. Learn German at home, as if you were abroad!

Looking for a German speaking job in France? Find out about our babysitting jobs and teaching jobs. 


Learn German all over France

Our German lessons with German-speaking teachers offer both a natural and intensive learning of German. Whatever the student's age or level, immersive learning is perfect to significantly improve :

  • your oral comprehension (the teacher speaks 100% in German)
  • your oral expression (accent, memorization of idiomatic phrases etc.)
  • your writing skills (grammatical structures, declensions...)

Our German teachers

All of our teachers are German-speakers (German, Swiss German, Austrian...) and have teaching experience : they have a teaching diploma, several years of teaching experience, if not both !

The teacher identifies the student's difficulties and starts with an upgrade of the student's knowledge depending on his/her profile : 

  • the students of an advanced level will be given new targets by the teacher, in order to go even further.
  • The students with difficulties will be helped and encouraged by the teacher thanks to our « private lessons » services. 

The specificity of our method is to teach German without using French. Our main target is teaching German as a « language-tool » and not as a mere school subject. 

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