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Discover the different ways to learn English

For kids, teenagers and for the ones who want to learn English, we have gathered different types of courses that could help you to learn English or to improve your level in the language of Shakespeare.

English lessons in a language school

In a bilingual school or in a language center, in France or abroad, taking English courses in a group allows learning in interaction with other students. The courses are adapted to all ages and all levels. For you we have listed some of those schools.

Youngster with an open book on the top of the head

Personal English courses at home

Learning English at home with a personalized program, in group (with friends or family) or an individual lesson, with a teacher who have experience, is now possible thanks to personal English courses at home. This learning method is well adapted to children. They feel in confidence in a domestic environment.

The immersive method

Learning English using the immersive method is very efficient. The student gets better in a 100% English-speaking environment. The courses can take place in the student’s country of origin with an English-speaking teacher, or abroad through language study vacation. Speaking-agency’s learning options revolve around an immersive method.  The student is in contact with a native teacherwho only speaks his mother-tongue.

Courses at a distance away

With the new technologies, today it’s possible to learn English at a distance away from anywhere in the world. Online English courses are accessible to everyone, to children and adults.

Free English courses

Free English courses are intended to very motivated people because courses usually go without a teacher. However, there are not only free online English courses that can help you to learn but there are books, forums in English as wall... and it's adapted to each level.

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