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Montessori Babysitting Jobs in Paris

Speaking-Agency has over 2500 jobs in Paris and other major cities in France available throughout the year! We are ALWAYS recruiting! 



Better than a student job, become a Montessori babysitter in Paris or another major city in France

Babysitter with 2 children

Babysitting jobs in Paris with Speaking-Agency give you the chance to look after French children in a foreign language (mostly English, although we have offerings in French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic and more!) using Montessori teaching techniques, provided by us! 

Our Baby-Speakers - the role of the babysitter with Speaking-Agency : 

  • Work with children between 3 and 12 years old and begin to introduce them to a foreign language.
  • Jobs close to you - hundreds of families come to Speaking-Agency looking for babysitters each year, meaning we can provide a job that is convenient for you! 
  • Babysitting jobs with Speaking-Agency are part-time and flexible.
  • We employ lots of different people with different backgrounds here at Speaking-Agency, a lot of whom are STUDENTS. Our babysitting jobs are tailored to fit around a student timetable! 
  • Work from 5 to 40 hours per week.
  • Earn from €11.50 to €13 per hour as a babysitter.

How do you teach the new language to French children as a babysitter? Don't worry! Speaking-Agency provide you with regular help and activities using the famously effective Montessori approach. You will receive a briefcase full of games and activities, regular videos to inspire your babysitting via email, as well as benefiting from regular workshops! 





Become a Montessori babysitter and learn about Montessori approach!

Babysitter with a little child
  • Flexible work-schedule: You can choose the number of hours you would like to work depending on your availabilities (perfect for exchange/gap year students). The selected applicants usually work between 5 and 40 hours per week. If a 20-hour per week job is not sufficient for you we can recommend other part time jobs in Paris.


  • Declared job in France (you are entitled to French health insurance) – this is depending on what sort of visa you have, ie: people with working holiday visas are not entitiled to this (health insurance)

  • We offer training to learn about our innovative Montessori method developed by specialists in child development.

  • The opportunity of meeting a French family and learning about French culture

  • A competitive salary, between € 10 and €13 per hour before tax. The varied rates depend on the location, the number of children you are taking care of, and the number of hours worked. You will get paid twice a month.

  • As you require a French bank account to be able to work in France, we have a partnership with SOCIETE GENERALE, who can assist you with opening an account.


Every year we offer a few exciting internal job & internships offers within our office in Paris which include positions in HR department, team leader to help organize events or assistant-trainer for the training sessions!

Requirements to work for us as a Montessori babysitter in Paris

You have to:

  • be over 18 years old

  • have a high proficiency in French
  • have some experience, informal or formal, in working with children
  • be an EU citizen or holder of a relevant visa to work in France
  • stay at least 3 months
  • If you don't speak French, don't worry! We also offer babysitting positions for English-Speakers.



What are the principles of the Montessori Pedagogy ?


This is a fundamental notion of Montessori pedagogy. Children are free to choose the activity they wish to do amongst those offered to them, provided they have already "seen" this activity with the treacher, and can spend the time they want. They also have the right to speak and to move as they see fit in the room, as long as their environment is respected.


It goes hand in hand with the notion of freedom and applies as much to attitude as to corrections. Rather than passively waiting for corrections by a third, the child is asked to identify his own errors. Especially since, according to the Montessori method, it is not so much to have "right" or "wrong" as to practice to do better, to improve oneself in the activity.


Action on the periphery
According to Maria Montessori, it is more beneficial to act on one's environment rather than on the child themselves. In practice, it is for example to speak less loudly to encourage them to do the same, rather than order him to do so. Or, put a furniture shoe and slippers at your fingertips, rather than asking them to put them away or look for them in a closet.


Respect for the rhythm of each child
It does not matter if the child is fast or slow, as long as they are focused. Montessori pedagogy emphasizes respect for the rhythm of each child, and recommends not to put labels on children ("you are slow", "you are fast"), at the risk of enclosing it in this qualifier . And Maria Montessori adds that the pace of each can vary according to the times of the day, the activity, the different periods of its development, and that the learning of children is done in fits and starts.


Learning by experience
Abstraction is not transmitted. This is the postulate from which the Montessorian reflection is based. To appropriate the concepts, the child must manipulate, tangibly and concretely, with his five senses. Again, this involves the use of adapted equipment. It is for example, to practice maths (ten, hundred etc.) by using pearls. Children can weigh them, compare them, and integrate, by sight and touch, their differences or their proportionality.


Individual activity
While some activities are presented in small groups, most are done individually, so that children learn the concepts in a personal way.


To respect the child is to invite them to respect others, and thus to prepare them for a harmonious social life. The purpose of Montessorian education is to help the child acquire an inner discipline.


    Have a look at all the jobs in Paris France for English speakers we offer. There are student jobs in Paris France in addition of the English jobs in Paris France such as teaching jobs in Paris France.


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    Speaking-Agency: The company

    Speaking - Agency is a company created in 2009 by 2 young founders: Antoine Gentil & Julien Viaud. With their respective experiences abroad (USA, Canada), the 2 young entrepreneurs realized that the best way to learn a language is to immerse oneself in it from a very young age (by spending time with natives whose mother tongue is the one you want to learn) From this observation is born the concept of Speaking-Agency. Its goal is to enable everyone (children, adults, teenagers) to enjoy language immersion without having to travel abroad.


    For this, Speaking-Agency recruits profiles from all walks of life, able to speak and transmit a foreign language. Whatever your age, if you love languages, contact with students and pass on your knowledge, look no further, we have the job you need.


    In addition, Speaking-Agency has developed its own teaching methods, with the help of Maria Kihlstedt & John Herbstritt respectively senior lecturer in psycholinguistics at Paris X - CNRS and specialist in language rhetoric at the University of Berkeley. Speaking-Agency offers its Speakers educational tools in order to give you tips, games, tracks to explore with your students. This will allow you to both start quietly home English teacher activity if you are a beginner or add a new string to your bow if you are already an experienced language teacher.


    Speaking-Agency is headquartered in Paris, in the 12th arrondissement, at 27 rue de Citeaux. Paris being the capital, it is very easy to access regardless of the means of transport used. We settled in Paris was a choice motivated by our desire to be close and accessible vis-à-vis our Speakers.


    However, we do not abandon our Speakers located in the four corners of France. We regularly organize events in other French cities (wine & cheese, picnics, speed matchings, etc.) to consolidate our relationship with our dear employees. These events are there to allow us to meet you, and to give you a great opportunity to meet other Speakers who are in the same situation as you. You will be able to discuss common themes and interests and make new friends!


    For any questions, administrative concerns, you will be in touch with one of our advisors who will guide you, will help you in your efforts as much before your integration to Speaking-Agency for the duration of your adventure in our company. We are committed to human values ​​and wish the best for you at all levels: Whether in your housing, the administrative, your working hours. Our dearest wish for you is to make sure that Speaking-Agency remains for you an experience, professionalising, rewarding and unforgettable!

    Why choose Speaking-Agency?

    • An Enriching Experience