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How to prepare your nanny interview to get a job at Speaking-Agency?

You are interested in childcare, and wish to join the Speaking-Family? 


Remember that after the phone interview, you will have a face-to-face interview in our office.


In this article, we give you some tips and tricks to be the best candidate. So, you'll know a little more about the process. 
Remember: our goal is not to trap you. Benevolence is one of our core values. You must be relaxed, informal, and have almost nothing to prepare.


The demand for English-speaking babysitters is on the rise in France. Check out our jobs in Paris for English speakers.


prepare nanny interview job in paris



Several steps of the interview


For childcare, you will have a collective interview (three people at the same time).


1) First, the person in charge of recruitment will ask you about your motivations: nursing young children must be a real interest, something that will make you feel growing up, just like them.

Be as sincere as possible, do not hesitate to talk about your personal experiences: similar jobs in recreation centers, au pair childcare, or summer camps will be a real advantage for your application.

For example, a profile that has already worked as a babysitter in the United States for two years will have a solid experience, which will tend to reassure recruiters and parents.


2) Then, you will have a small oral test in English. You don’t need to be fluent: the goal is to see if you are able to have a conversation, and to answer the questions. Keep in mind that if you are applying for Baby-Speaking, you will be in charge of the child’s language awakening, through English activities.


3) You will be asked about frequent situations in babysitting: the person in charge of the recruitment wants to know how you would behave, when you are confronted to situations of « crisis », such as a whimming child at the supermarket.

To prepare this part, think of any kind of context: in the kitchen, in the bathroom ... presenting risks for the child (falling, cutting him/herself...). Anticipate these questions, to proove that you are able to be firm if necessary. (Warning: firm does not mean violent 😊!)


4) What activities would you propose? A good babysitter must be able to be creative and adapt the activities according to the age of the child. Before your interview, you can already write down some ideas, because there’s a lot to talk about: coloring, drawing, board games, play dough, sports, etc ... For this part, do not hesitate to think about your hobbies: sharing them with children is a great way to get to know each other.


5) Video training, in French or in English: after the interview, you will then be invited to join a room where you will be able to listen to a video. This is very important because it will tell you more about the authority, the pedagogy, the security aspect, but also about the upcoming recruitment process. Remember to take notes when viewing these videos.




And then? What happens after my interview?


Afterwards, comes matching: if your profile has been selected by Speaking-Agency, it will be proposed to families. If one of them is interested in you, our agency will put you in touch.

Warning: the first meeting with the family does not take place within our walls, but in a neutral place, sometimes at home.


What documents do you need to provide?


To save time with this kind of formalities, on the day of the interview, remember to bring:


Your bank details,

Your criminal record extract,

Your Life Insurance Card (Carte Vitale): this card allows you to benefit from a reimbursement of expenses related to medical care within 5 days. All individuals living in France can get this card.

For foreigners, this issue is subject to special conditions.
If you are not from a Member State of the European Union, you must:

• Stay in France on a regular basis and provide documents attesting to the regularity of your situation;
• Fill out a file including a copy of your resident's card and / or a residence certificate, a temporary work permit and a temporary residence permit.
Once complete, the file must be filed with the health insurance fund closest to your place of residence.


Practical information


Our office is located 27 rue de Cîteaux, in the 12th district of Paris.
By subway, we are not very far from the station Faidherbe-Chaligny (line 8), or Reuilly Diderot (line 1).

Now you have enough information to stack all the odds in your favour. Good luck !

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