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If you’re looking for a job in September then check out all of Speaking-Agency’s offers. Learn more on how to find a job in Paris!



Jobs for Bilingual People


There are a few different types of Jobs in Paris France for English Speakers, you can work in a bar or become a tour guide. Although if you are looking for a job with flexible hours and lots of fun, the best job in Paris is babysitting or teaching languages. Here at Speaking-Agency although we recruit throughout the year, September is our busiest time as it is “La Rentrée”! The other busy period is January as we recruit for the second half of the year. We provide babysitters and language teachers in 11 cities across France, so if you’re moving to France, check out if we are present in your area.


Jobs in Paris for September



Through babysitting and language teaching you don’t just get to share your culture but you can also learn more about French culture by interacting with French children. This is also a great job if you can’t work full-time hours. Most babysitting and teaching jobs are for when children are in school, so you also get to have school holidays off. This is great if you want to explore France and the rest of Europe.  You also get to choose your hours, we have a range of hours available whether you want to work one day a week or all week long. The choice is yours – one of the many benefits of working for Speaking-Agency.


Jobs in Paris for September


There is no maximum age


At Speaking-Agency one of our requirements is that you must have at least 18 years of age but there is no age maximum. If you arrive in France, whether it is for your studies or just a life change and think that babysitting and teaching is not the right fit for you, remember that all your life experiences can help you succeed in France. As a babysitter and a teacher, you get to work with the next generation and get to share your culture and language with young people.


Jobs in Paris for September

Teaching jobs in Paris France


If you love helping children develop and are looking for alternative teaching methods, Speaking-Agency has started a new service called Garde-Active. This service is a French language babysitting service inspired by the Montessori approach to learning. Montessori is a well known alternative educational approach which is starting to become more popular in France.



Jobs in Paris for September

What is “La Rentrée”?


At the end of August and the start of September, you will hear the word “Rentrée” everywhere. This means “Back to School” and it’s the time of year when every child in France goes back to school or starts school for the first time. It is also the busiest time of year for parents to find babysitters or tutors for their kids. Paris besides being the capital city of France is also has the biggest concentration of work in Paris France for bilingual people.

Jobs in Paris for September



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