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Find a Job in France from overseas

Find an Overseas Job in France


Before you go abroad, you should ask some important questions:


What kind of job are you looking for?


How long?


Where do you want to go?


What is life like there?

What kind of expenses will you have? Etc.


You have to prepare yourself, do all administrative procedures, find information you need, ask advice, and do what's necessary before going in a foreign country because it is never easy to begin a new life. To help you, we offer jobs in Paris, France, for foreigners.

Five Goods Reasons to Apply for an Overseas Job


- You can learn another language


- You can share with people from different origins and make friends


- You can develop professionals skills, it is a good experience for your CV


- You are self sufficient, and you can learn about different aspects of your personality


- You can discover a new country, its habits, culture etc.

Teaching Jobs Overseas with Speaking-Agency


Are you looking for a teaching job in France? Speaking Agency is looking for native or bilingual speakers for teaching and baby-sitting jobs in Paris, France. You just need to be at least 18 years old, be free for 3 months minimum, have previous experience in teaching (formal) but you don't need a specific diploma, so don't worry. You can teach your language to children, teenagers and adults, no French is required for this. Discover all our English speaking jobs in Paris, France.

moving to Paris

We offer you a free training session to give you some educational materials and innovative ideas to help you. It’s not like traditional teaching, we want you to play with children, it is more interactive!

Check all our part-time jobs in Paris, France.


You will work between 2 to 20 hour per week and earn 10 to 20 euros per hour.


You can join our community, participate in our events, meet a French family and make friends, this is an opportunity for you to have a wonderful experience abroad!


Still looking for a job? Here are some advice to help you to find a job in Paris

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