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You're a Foreigner looking for a Job in Paris France?

Finding a job in Paris (France) as a foreigner might seem a bit scary at first, but if you look closer and if you are curious you will see that there are job opportunities for everyone in France, especially for foreigners!



Foreign worker: a new tempting profile in Paris

Sometimes, being a foreigner in France, more precisely in Paris, can even turn to be an advantage when you are looking for a job.  In fact, foreigners bring diversity and quality skills in foreign languages and in a multicultural place like Paris (France) it can be seen as a benediction.




With the growing needs of trading at an international level and the democratization of globalization the foreign community is more than welcome in a country like France. This is a fact and it has positive effects in the marketplace. It appears that this phenomenon creates really interesting job positions for foreigners in Paris (France), even for those who don’t speak French.

Speaking-Agency offers job opportunities in Paris and in France for foreigners all year long


There is no better example than Speaking-agency to confirm the facts mentioned above. Indeed, we offer job positions as babysitter and/or teacher for foreigners in Paris, but also in 8 other main cities of France: Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Nice, Toulouse and Aix-en-Provence.


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Moreover, we are not only recruiting English natives or bilingual speakers (although currently the majority of job offers concern them) but also German, Spanish, Chinese, etc. and we are always recruiting, so there is no deadline to apply.