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Deutsche in Paris "Germans living in the French capital"


partenaire deutsche in paris


Paris, city of love, museums, fashion ... but what if you are a German living in the French capital?


The "Deutsche in Paris / Les Allemands à Paris" website deals with various subjects related to life in Paris and its region. It connects Germans or German speakers (not just Germans) who are looking for answers to different questions and helps to make contacts.



The website was created in 2010 and is constantly evolving. There is also a very large Facebook group with over 11,100 members (August 2020) - in which many  topics are discussed:

• How to find a room in Paris?

• I am looking for a job in Paris without speaking French.

• Where can I learn French?

• Does anyone have any idea where I can play the piano regularly?

• I am looking for a football team here in Paris, can someone help me?

• Does anyone know of a good vegan restaurant in Paris?

• Does anyone know a German-speaking doctor?

Do not hesitate to visit their website or become a member of their Facebook group.

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Deutsche in Paris "Germans living in the French capital"

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