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Jobs in Paris, France for English Speakers : Babysitting and teaching

Are you looking for a, expat job in France? We recruit in babysitting and teaching in foreign languages all year round and have 2,500 babysitting and teaching jobs in France every year. Leaders in bilingual child-minding and language teaching services, we recruit bilingual and native speakers in English, German, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. So if you speak a foreign language, enjoy sharing your culture and are looking for a new adventure, we have the perfect job for you!


We offer the perfect jobs in Paris, France for students or expats who are looking for something to finance their studies and meet an international community, expatriates who are looking to share their language and settle in Paris, France and to everyone of all ages and different backgrounds. Here, at Speaking-Agency, we really see language as a power and want to pass on that ability to as many children as possible with your help!


We offer over 2,500 expat jobs in France for English speakers throughout the year

Founded in 2009, Speaking-Agency won the award for the European most innovative company in 2009 and is now the leader in providing babysitting and language teachers in Paris.


Speaking-Agency employ thousands of fluent and native language speakers into their 'Baby-Speaking' roles, either as baby-sitters or teachers. Whilst the teachers give specialised lessons for the child at home in the target language, the job of Speaking-Agency's baby-sitters is the day-to-day looking after of the child, in the foriegn language with specially tailored activities. Through this pioneering technique, the children take in the new ways of speaking, without disturbing their daily routine.


Based in 6 cities across France, we recruit every year over a thousand English native or bilingual speakers for our jobs in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes et Toulouse.


Whilst some may search for work in France by applying for hotel jobs in France, jobs in hospitality or working in Paris as a tour guide, none offer as many benefits as babysitting and english tutoring in France. You can directly help a child grow, earn a salary in a casual manner and, with Speaking-Agency, work comfortably in your target language. 





2 types of Jobs in France: Babysitting or teaching

Jobs in Paris!

We offer two types of expat jobs in Paris, France:


Our babysitting jobs consist of looking after children, aged 3 to 12, usually after school, from 4:30 PM to 7.30PM. Your involvement in helping them learn a new language will be considerable, as you are expected to converse, play, sing and initiate fun activities with them.


A number of resources, especially developed by specialists in language learning, are available to help you interact and connect with kids.


While previous experience with children is required, Speaking-Agency will also provide you with a free training session developed in association with the French National Center for Scientific Research(CNRS), aiming thus to help you improve your baby-sitting skills. Furthermore, a large tutorial data base will also be at your disposal.



Our teachers have the objective to help children, students or professionals learn a new language, in a flexible environment, according to each person’s needs. With your past experience, you should be able to play and have fun with younger audiences, while run fairly structured lessons for adults.


All we ask from you is to:

  • Be over 18
  • Have some experience in babysitting or teaching (formal or informal)
  • Have a European Community citizenship or a visa that allows you to work in France



Another great reason for English-speakers to work with Speaking-Agency is that no French is needed! 

All babysitting and teaching activities take place in English, so do not fear if you are yet to master the French language. In fact, in many families it is best that the child's only option to communicate with you is in English!


Please note that we do not require any specific degree or qualification; and you do not even have to speak French at all.




As far as the remuneration is concerned, our job offers are paid 9 to 10 euros net per hour. Not exceeding 40 hours per week, that adds up to a average salary of 600 per month, to be paid monthly.


Your typical work schedule would be the following: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 4.00 to 7.00 PM and Wednesdays 11 AM to 7.30 PM, excluding school holidays.


Since most expats arriving to France don't have all the administrative paperwork done, we also have a partnership with the Société Générale bank that will help you throughout the procedure.



Babysitting vs Teaching... What's the difference?

Babysitting Jobs in France: 

With Speaking-Agency's babysitting jobs in Paris (or in an other city in France), the idea is to integrate the use of the target language into the child's everyday life. Whether it be on the walk home from school, when asking for a snack when they arrive home, helping with homework or playing games, opportunities to be immersed in the new language are plentiful. It is through this technique that the child can pick up the language, without even realising they are doing so!

Our Baby-Speakers who specialise in baby-sitting are patient, but persistant in their use of the new language. It's a balance that makes the Speaking-Agency ways so effective! 


Teaching Jobs in France:

For our teaching jobs, there are many similarities with the ethos of that of baby-sitting. However, in these sessions a heavier focus is placed on the language acquisition rather than the integration into daily life. It's a rewarding and worthwhile investment for our experienced teachers who can see the child or children progress in leaps and bounds from the start. Having such a small group, potentially one on one with a child, allows for much quicker absorption of the language than ever possible in the more traditional classroom set up. 





By working for Speaking-Agency, it’s not only a job that you get but also a bundle of advantages comes with it. Here's 10 reasons why you should apply for our English speaking jobs in Paris, France:



Give children competence in the target language!

There's nothing more rewarding that seeing a child learn a new skill.


Feel like a true French native 


By babysitting in a French family you get to see what French lifestyle is really like.


Improve your CV

Learn how to teach and get a job on your CV that demonstrates how caring and compassionate you are. 


Take French lessons for free

For many foreign speakers arriving in France, learning French is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Our free French classes help our Baby-Speakers to get the most from their time here.


Join an international community

Speaking-Agency employs thousands of foreign-speakers in France. We know what students and expatriates look for during their time in France and provide regular content to help you in your daily life. 



Benefit from exclusive discounts

Want to cycle around France for free? Win free cinema tickets? Go out for a cheap meal? Speaking-Agency's partners offer up plenty of discounts for our Baby-Speakers.


It’s flexible!

We have hundreds of families looking for their Baby-Speaker so you're sure to find a job that matches you! 


Take part in free Wine & Cheese evenings, Halloween parties and much more…

Each year we host our famed Wine & Cheese evenings as well as other events, such as a Halloween party to allow you to meet fellow Baby-Speakers.


Your own HR advisor! 

Throughout the application process you will have your own HR advisor to make sure everything runs smoothly!


Assistance with French administration

Your advisor is there to help you with whatever they can through the application process and with events such as Life Start Paris, you can meet partners in industries such as banking, accommodation and insurance!


...'And what if I'm a student?'

If you're a student, all the more reason to find your babysitting or teaching job in France with Speaking-Agency! 


Over the past decade we have worked with thousands and thousands of students like yourself and have built a strong relationship with the international student community in France. When applying for an expat job with Speaking-Agency you are in safe hands. We understand a student's needs, how your timetable works and what you are looking for.


As we mention above, there are plenty of offers you can benefit from. Whether it be discounts for a cheap night out with your fellow student friends, meeting new people at our many events for our international community or getting help with the likes of housing and banking at the annual Life Start Paris... we have a lot to offer you.


What's more, with the price of rent rising and rising in France, our part time babysitting and teaching jobs are a perfect way to help fund your time here. They are flexible to work around your studies and social life, both important for students, all the while giving you that cushion of funds to rely on! It really is a match made in heaven.



Meet the Baby-Speakers:

Don't just take it from us! Find out what our Baby-Speakers have to say about why they love working with Speaking-Agency...

Watch our interview with Language Ambassafor Camilla and read what Khalil and Alina have to say about working with Speaking-Agency below: 




“The reason why I chose to work with Speaking-Agency is that it makes me feel safe regarding the selection of clients. I can also have a decent pay for the exact amount of time that my studies allow me to have.

For both the family and myself it's a win-win situation! My field of study is close to pedagogy and researching ways of teaching which means that they get me as a mentor to their child and I benefit from their feedback.”

Khalil B. Yahia


“There are different things that I love about Speaking-Agency: the fast and efficient recruitment process, the fun events they organize and so on.

However, what I do like the most is that through them I got to meet an amazing family with an incredible child. Working for them was truly a pleasure, it was enriching and sometimes challenging. I liked Juliette as if she was my little sister. Although now I do not live in France anymore, I am still in touch with them and I cannot wait to see them again. Thank you Speaking Agency!

- Alina Graur


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