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Definition: Language Ambassador


A Language Ambassador can be described as a person who has the ability to retain multiple languages at once. One who is driven by the study of foreign languages and passing that knowledge on to others while also being able to incorporate childcare. A Language Ambassador not only teaches the language but passes on the cultural knowledge that they have to others in order to get a better understanding of other parts of the world. Language Ambassadors can be found in the Speaking-agency community as we hire 1000s of them every year.

Synonymes: foreign language professional, bilingual childcare specialist, Speaking-agency team member

The basis of a Language Ambassador

Language ambassadors

Whether the Language Ambassador is presented with someone who speaks no other foreign language or more advanced levels, they are able to adapt to any given level. A language ambassador is also able to accommodate to any age group in order to give the proper linguistic lessons necessary. 

What we do for you in return


There are quite a few advantages available to you once you join our team. We offer full training to all new employees in order to get a full understanding on how things work. We also offer monthly activities so that our Language Ambassadors can meet and interact with others just like them. However, it doesn’t stop there. We also pay for their annual Vélib’ pass (bike sharing system), so transportation is fully reimbursed.  Last but not least, we have our induction day that we have twice a year where you are given a tour of the city. 

Qualifications required to become a Language Ambassador


Aside, from the thorough knowledge base of a foreign language there are just a few other qualifications required in order to become a Foreign Language Ambassador.  Candidates must be 18 years or older, possess European Citizenship or a current visa, and have experience (formal or informal).

No level of French is required as we can offer free French lessons to those in need, right here at the agency.

So, if this sounds interesting to you, apply with us today and you too can become a Language Ambassador. 

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