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Find an accommodation in France


Private students’ residences in France


They constitute a halfway house between traditional students’ residences and residential hotels. They offer comfortable studio apartments in buildings with a wide range of services: cafeteria, laundry, gym, TV room, etc. While this is a handy arrangement for those who lack the time to look for an apartment, it is relatively costly.


 Cité Universitaire de Paris

Between 350 and 900 euros per month

 Logement etudiant

Many choices

 Mon logement étudiant

Between 300 and 1050 € per months

 Crous paris

Between 350 and 1000 euros per month

 Crous lyon

Between 350 and 1000 euros per month


Many choices


Rent from €645 to €830 for a studio.


Between 500 and 1800 € per months


Between 350 and 1300 € per months


Many choices

 Cap études

Many choices

 Le club étudiant

Many choices


Many choices


Rent from €397 to €550. NO adm fees


Rent from €527 to €1,370 for a studio

 Icade Immobilier

Rent from €560 for a studio


Studio/ Flat rental in Paris

Looking for a flat in Paris is time-consuming and difficult. It will take you a lot of time and you will have to visit a large number of flats. If you are looking for a flat in Paris, we advise you to go to the American church or the Swedish church or to consult FUSAC magazine ‘ads

 Particulier à particulier

No realtors fees

 Se loger

Fees are charged



Fees are charged

 My appartment in Paris

Fees are charged


Fees are charged


Staying with a French family

It is possible to stay with a family as a paying guest. There are a number of entities that can arrange accommodation with a host family prior to your arrival. While this system is somewhat more expensive than the conventional rental arrangement, it offers an opportunity for immersion in French language and culture.

 FAC Paris Homestays

€ 630/month + € 650 Registration fee


€ 690/month + € 630 Registration fee

 Home stay in Paris

630 to 900€ / month + €160 Registration fee

631 to 900€ / month + 0 Registration fee

 Séjours France Famille

€ 600 to 1,060/month + €80 Registration fee


A room in France at an elderly person's place

Some associations put in contact students who are looking for housing and elderly persons who wish to propose a room in their flat or house.


 Logement intergeneration

 Ensemble 2 générations





 Vivre avec

 Nantes renoue


Finding shared apartments and room-mates in France

Here is a list of specialized websites, be careful you often have to pay to get the phone number of the house-mates!


 Collocation France

 Portail colocation

 Recherche colocation




Are you new in France? Here are tips regarding mobile phone services in France.



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