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New Year, New You


Exercise more

Often a popular resolution! Cities in France such as Paris and Lyon offer bikes as an alternative, cheap and healthy mode of transport. Subscribe to a Velib’ or Velov pass and get around the cities for cheap AND work on getting that beach body you’ve been looking for! No more squeezing into the metro at rush hour where no one smiles and everyone wears black; get on a bike, feel the wind in your hair and feel more positive about life all round!


Improve your language skills

There are people out there, like myself, which rarely pick up a book and read. Why not make 2017 the year that we do? French literature may be a new discovery, try it out! In turn you’ll learn lots of new useful vocabulary, improve your language skills all round and maybe even discover a new hobby? Want some classic French reads to try out? Madame Bovary, Les Miserables (don’t cheat and just watch the musical!) and Le Petit Prince are some great choices!

To improve your language skills, how about going to the movies in French with English subtitles?


Get out in the open air

This goes hand in hand with exercising more, buy why not resolve to get out and see more of the beauty France has to offer? Relax by the lake in the Parc de Majolan in Bordeaux, or take in the beauty of Jardin Botanique, Lille. Don’t forget that you can get a Carte Jeune 12-27ans which makes travelling around France on the trains a lot cheaper!


Get a new Job in France

Look no further! We are continually working with new families, check out the offers we have available and get applying to our babysitting and teaching jobs!

Alternatively, we do also have offers to work as an Intern in Paris at our headquarters starting from January onwards!



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