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What is Speaking-agency?


Speaking-agency is the leading provider of childcare services in foreign languages in France . Every year we hire over 1000 native or bilingual English or German speakers. Typical candidates are gap-year students, young graduates or young adults.

The job we are offering is a Language Ambassador position. Your son/daughter will teach English or German through daily activities, to children of a French family, in a fun and innovative way. They will look after children from 3 to 10 years old and play with them in English or German. It is a paid job and the average monthly income is 500-600 euros.


Terms and conditions


In order to be eligible to work with us, your son/daughter must:

-          Be at least 18 years old

-          Have experience with children (formal or informal)

-          Be a native or bilingual English or German speaker

We are not requiring any previous teaching experience and speaking French is not mandatory to work with us.  However the contracts we have last a minimum of 3 months.


How does the recruitment process go?


The process starts when your son/daughter fills out our online application form. Upon completion of it, a member of our team will call her/him to check out a few details and answer any question they may have.

If we believe there could be a match between our requirements and your son/daughter's expectations, we will schedule and complete a skype interview to assess their competence, experience, presentation and their passion for the position.

Your son/daughter will receive a definite answer within the week following their Skype interview regarding their acceptance.


How will my son/daughter be able to meet new friends?


We have a large community of speakers from all over the world and we organize monthly events making it easy to connect with other people and make friends.

If you're afraid of your son/daughter to be lonely, here are 5 ways meeting new people in Paris.

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