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Nanny jobs in Paris France

Speaking-agency has over 2500 jobs in Paris and other major cities in France available throughout the year! We are ALWAYS recruiting! 



Our nanny jobs in Paris and other major cities in France


Nanny jobs with Speaking-Agency allow you to enjoy rewarding work by teaching a new language whilst caring for children, as well as building on your past experience.


You can choose your perfect family from the hundreds looking for nannies like yourself with us and fill your timetable with as many offers as you like in Paris or any other major city!


The majority of our nanny offers are in English but there are many other languages available too including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Arabic and more...

Our Baby-Speakers - the role of the nanny with Speaking-Agency :

  • Work with children between 2 and 12 years old and begin to introduce them to a foreign language.
  • Jobs close to you - hundreds of families come to Speaking-Agency looking for nannies each year, meaning we can provide a job that is convenient for you! 
  • As a nanny, you have the possibility to work with more than one family in you area to get the most out of Speaking-Agency.
  • Nanny jobs with Speaking-Agency are part-time and flexible.
  • Work from 5 to 40 hours per week.
  • Earn from €11.50 to €13 per hour as a nanny.


How do you teach the new language to French children as a nanny in Paris? Don't worry! Speaking-Agency provide you with regular help and activities using the famously effective Montessori approach. You will receive a briefcase full of games and activities, regular videos to inspire your babysitting via email, as well as benefiting from regular workshops! 



Becoming a Nanny... it's rewarding!


Do you ever wonder why nannying and babysitting jobs are just so popular when abroad? Speaking-Agency is always hearing fantastic stories from our nannies about their experiences and here are some of the most common responses! 

  • REWARDING - Seeing a child develop and take in new skills is second to none. Our nannies really feel like they have made a lasting impact on the child's life which gives a great sense of achievement. There is nothing more rewarding than having an impact like this! 
  • NEW MINDS - Spending time bonding with a child is a completely different experience to anything else you do in your day to day life. As much as you teach the child, you can learn from the child too! At young ages children are so inquisitive and curious with a completely different way of looking at the world. 
  • THE BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT - Here at Speaking-Agency, language acquisition is at the forefront of our ideas. For many of our nannies, their favourite moment is the 'breakthrough moment'. That's to say the moment when the child shows their first signs of engagement with the new language and desire to communicate. 
  • FLEXIBILITY AND LIFESTYLE - An office job isn't for everybody, that is clear, and what renders nannying so popular is the ability to work in a relaxed and familiar environment. The household becomes your domain to make work how you want it to. The stresses of office life and workplace culture are nowhere to be seen! 


More than just a nanny job in Paris France : become a Language Ambassador

international community france speaking agency
  • Flexible work-schedule: You can choose the number of hours you would like to work depending on your availabilities (perfect for exchange/gap year students).

    The selected applicants usually work between 5 and 40 hours per week. If a 20-hour per week job is not sufficient for you we can recommend other part time jobs in Paris.

  • The opportunity of meeting a French family and learning about French culture.

  • A competitive salary, between € 10 and €13 per hour before tax. The varied rates depend on the location, the number of children you are taking care of, and the number of hours worked. You will get paid twice a month.

  • As you require a French bank account to be able to work in France, we have a partnership with SOCIETE GENERALE, who can assist you with opening an account.

  • Declared job in France (you are entitled to French health insurance) – this is depending on what sort of visa you have, ie: people with working holiday visas are not entitiled to this (health insurance)

  • We offer training to learn about our innovative early language acquisition method developed by specialists in child bilingualism.


Every year we offer a few exciting internal career opportunities within our office in Paris which include positions in HR department, team leader to help organize events or assistant-trainer for the training sessions!

Requirements to work for us as a nanny in Paris


You have to:

  • be over 18 years old
  • be a native level English speaker, or have a high proficiency in English
  • have some experience, informal or formal, in working with children
  • be an EU citizen or holder of a relevant visa to work in France
  • stay at least 3 months
  • no minimum level of French required!


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    Who is behind Speaking-Agency?



    Founded in 2009, Speaking-Agency is the brainchild of Antoine Gentil and Julien Viaud. Their mission? To allow children to take up a new language as young as possible - when it is easiest for them! 


    That's where you come in! Our fantastic team included hundreds of babysitters and nannies who look after French children in their own language. The whole process is overseen by our friendly team of staff at the Speaking-Factory (27 Rue de Cîteaux, Paris). We match you with the perfect family who fit your profile and constantly provide you with activities and mentoring. 


    Over the past decade Speaking-Agency has grown to operate in towns across the country including Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Toulouse and many more! We have a great relationship with our clients and applicants, all of whom are wanting to join the Speaking-Famiy! 


    We can't wait to receive your application and welcome you into the squad! We are always excited to hear your past stories, learn about your life and share the next chapter together! 


    Why choose Speaking-Agency?

    • An Enriching Experience