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Student jobs in France

Being a student in France: what a wonderful pleasure!


Finding a student job is not easy, especially when you don't have any professional experience! However being a student in France offers you some benefits:

- You have school holidays and time to enjoy, you can do activities and work at the same time

- You can earn money, learn professional skills, and continue to learn at school

- You have different types of government help (CAF for housing, transport,etc)

- You can build relationships with others students and make friends

- You have price reductions on activities (student discounts)

Find a student job in France with Speaking-Agency


There are many student job websites where you can apply to find a jobs in Paris, France, for English speakers. Speaking-Agency is on them and recruits more than 1000 employees every year! Speaking-Agency works especially with students because it’s the best profile for our baby-sitting and teaching jobs in Paris, France.


Indeed we offer a declared job and students can work between 5 to 40 hours per week. They can join our international community developing relationships with families and making friends during our events. There are so many benefits to working with us (time, money, entertainment, relationships, discovery of a new culture etc), so go visit our website and apply! Learn more about our student jobs in Paris, France.

Working in France with Speaking Agency: A Few Conditions


You need to be native or bilingual speaker (Chinese, Spanish German, English, Italian language etc).

Moreover you have to be at least 18 years old and stay minimum 4 months with us.

Finally, you must have formal or informal previous experience in childcare or teaching jobs. If you have all this, you are our type of person!! Come share your experience and enjoy moments with Speaking-Agency.


Are you American? Discover our jobs for Americans in Paris France.

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