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Teach english in Paris, France!

Looking for a Job in Paris? At Speaking-Agency we offer you the opportunity to live in Paris while teaching English and experiencing French culture! Take 90 seconds to Apply and then browse through all the teaching jobs available !



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Our teaching jobs in Paris and major cities in France : teach your native language to children, teenagers and adults


An English teacher instructs students on English language. English teachers encourage learning the English language in a fun and engaging environment.  In Paris you may teach native speakers of English but most of the time you will teach to non-native English speaking students. This page will give you further information on what English teachers do, how to become an English teacher with Speaking-Agency.


    Being a teacher is a thrilling adventure, especially when it is one of the most exciting cities in France like Paris. Meet new friends, make lifelong connections and discover what makes the French so alluring. 


    You will teach to kids, teens and adults with our teaching materials and your own ideas.


    Because you are a native & experienced teacher you can play with the children and let them learn the language naturally by interacting with you in a real environment, not in a stuffy classroom!





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    Description of the English teacher job 

    The job of an English teacher requires a good understanding of sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and literature. It encompasses teaching creative composition such as prose, poetry, short stories, and narratives as well as technical writing skills which include news articles, reports, journals, and essays. A teacher of English should develop students’ oral and written communication skills, including critical thinking, oral and written comprehension, and problem-solving skills. English teachers are responsible for planning lessons that fit to children’s or adults' level.



    Requirements and usual tasks

    The English teacher’s role in is to effectively teach the correct usage of the English language in speaking and writing and to help students develop creative composition skills (depending on their level and their objectives). The teacher should be attuned to the learning progress of his students, especially to non-native English speakers, and be able to use alternative teaching strategies when necessary.



    How to be a great teacher

    What will make the difference between a good and an excellent English teacher will be your ability to connect to your student, even the most difficult, on a personal level on a subject that has a close or distant relationship with English or any other language you teach. Studies in the United States show that this connection is crucial in the social and academic development of students.



    Positions are from 2 to 8 hours per week - mostly on Wednesdays or Saturdays (our babysitting and nanny jobs enable you to work more hours). 


    Vacancies : over 2500 positions in Paris and other major cities in France to fill in throughout the year.



    Join us !

    Our teaching jobs in France :

    • A declared job in France (you are entitled to French health insurance)
    • We provide innovative and educational materials

    • The opportunity of meeting a French family and becoming familiar with French culture
    • High hourly earnings: Hourly wage from EUR 13 to 20, before tax
    • Career opportunities (office position in Paris, in HR department, team leader to help organize events, assistant-trainer for the training sessions...)

    What are the requirements for our teaching jobs in Paris and other major cities in France?

    • More than 18 years old
    • No specific diploma is required but it would be greatly appreciated
    • You need to have experience in teaching a language
    • You need to be a native level English speaker
    • No minimum level of French language is required


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      Find out more about what Chris has to say regarding his experience as an English teacher in Paris:

      What happens once I have applied to get an English teacher job?

      Your profile will be examined by members of our human resources’ team. If you fit to our previous criteria you will be contacted by our HR team to have a little conversation about your expectations, experience and your language skills. The aim is to figure out if you have enough experience with children to become an English teacher Then, we will be able to schedule an appointment in our office: The Speaking-Factory, located in the 12th arrondissement, 27 rue de Citeaux or via Skype.





      Our vision


      Speaking - Agency is a company created in 2009 by his two young founders: Antoine Gentil & Julien Viaud. With their respective experiences abroad (USA, Canada), the two young entrepreneurs realized that the best way to learn a language is to immerse oneself in it from a very young age (by spending time with natives whose mother tongue is the one you want to learn) From this observation is born the concept of Speaking-Agency. Its goal is to enable everyone (children, adults, teenagers) to enjoy language immersion without having to travel abroad.


      How can we make it possible ?

      To do so, Speaking-Agency recruits profiles from all walks of life, able to speak and transmit a foreign language. Whatever your age, if you love languages, contact with students and pass on your knowledge, look no further, we have the job you need.

      In addition, Speaking-Agency has developed its own teaching methods, with the help of Maria Kihlstedt & John Herbstritt respectively senior lecturer in psycholinguistics at Paris X - CNRS and specialist in language rhetoric at the University of Berkeley. Speaking-Agency offers its Speakers educational tools in order to give you tips, games, tracks to explore with your students.


      Our Locations

      Speaking-Agency is headquartered in Paris, in the 12th arrondissement, at 27 rue de Citeaux. Paris being the capital, it is very easy to access regardless of the means of transport used. The company's decision to settle in Paris was a choice motivated by our desire to be close and accessible vis-à-vis our Speakers.

      However, we do not abandon our Speakers located in the four corners of France! We regularly organize events in other French cities (wine & cheese, picnics, speed matchings, etc.) to consolidate our relationship with our talented employees. These events are there to allow us to meet you, and to give you a great opportunity to meet other Language Ambassadors who are in the same situation as you. You will be able to discuss common themes and interests and make new friends!


      We are here to give you a helping hand

      For any questions, administrative concerns, you will be in touch with one of our advisors who will guide you throughout your application process and you journey from then on with Speaking-Agency. We are committed to human values ​​and wish the best for you at all levels: Whether in your housing, the administrative, your working hours. Our dearest wish for you is to make sure that Speaking-Agency remains for you an experience, professionalising, rewarding and unforgettable!


            Why choose us?

            • An Enriching Experience
            • A FLEXIBLE JOB
            • REGULAR SALARY
            • HEALTH INSURANCE
            • WIN 100€ FOR EACH REFERRAL