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Teaching jobs in Paris, France

Discover how you can integrate into a multilingual structure and teach new languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, etc..) from an early age.

Got a passion for languages? Share the power of language with French families whilst you are in France!



Speaking-Agency’s teaching jobs in Paris for English speakers: teach French families to speak like the Queen!

intervenants professeurs

There are many amazing reasons to work for Speaking-Agency in Paris, and across France. We are looking for English-speakers to teach the language to predominately children, but teenagers and adults too!


Whether you’re looking to become a teacher, a tutor, a babysitter, a nanny or just work in childcare – we have something to offer you!


The feeling when you see a young child take in what you have been teaching is second to none and is what our Baby-Speakers find most rewarding. At young ages the mind takes in much more of what you are teaching, making a teaching job with Speaking-Agency second to none.

There’s more too! Speaking-Agency employs thousands of teachers like yourself across France, creating a widespread international community of people in the same situation as you.



The Job – What are the teaching jobs in Paris of Speaking-Agency?

The goal of home schooling is to enable your students to improve their knowledge and develop their skills. English classes are among the most popular subjects at home.

  • Teach your language typically from 2 to 8 hours per week. These are normally on Wednesdays and Weekends
  • Spend time inside a French family home and discover the country’s true culture
  • Ability to apply for Speaking-Agency’s thousands of babysitting roles! If you want to work more, why not teach a child your language through everyday activities in our babysitting roles
  • Avalable in Paris, Lyon, Lille, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes, Nice, Montpellier, Rennes and Marseille
  • Earn from €13 to €20 brut per hour!
  • Teaching methods and interactive Montessori-style games are provided to inspire your lessons
  • Other benefits include: a dedicated HR advisor, free French lessons, discounts from our partners


The teacher's role

The goal of home schooling is to enable your students to improve their knowledge and develop their skills. English classes are amongst the most popular subjects at home.

First of all, the teacher must create a bond of trust with their student. This step is very important for the rest of your student's career. During your first session, you will need to define the needs of your student and classify them.


Then it will be your duty to propose exercises and thematic activities to fill the gaps of the child or progress on specific aspects. The methodology is also essential to learn and remember more. To consolidate your knowledge, you will need to have a regular work schedule with the student. Over time, you will be able to correct your student's shortcomings in an increasingly effective way.


Before becoming a private teacher, you must be a master of your subject to establish courses that will allow your students to progress.
Organize your lessons in a strategy of progression and validation of achievements: test your student after 20 lessons for example.


The most important thing is to make sure your students have confidence, to establish consistent rules, to hold them to mark progress and gain credibility.
You have to have excellent interpersonal skills and good teaching skills. What parents are looking for, by hiring an outside school worker, is above all a good listening and personalized support of their child ...


To be patient and attentive are therefore required and almost indispensable qualities!


The student's:

Respect of your rules and your requests


Your missions :

• Prepare a coherent course adapted to the student's level


• Make an assessment of the student's level


• Offer exercises consistent with the student's goal


• Make a list of checkpoints to be reached by the student after X sessions


• Advise additional resources to improve their English


• Regularly update your sources




Essential supplies to make your course in optimal conditions: sheets, pens, exercises, cards, email address ...



Speaking-Agency’s teaching jobs in France – who’s it for?


If you like all the criteria below, then our teaching job is for you:

I love :

• Working with children

• Teaching

• Communicating

• Organizing & managing

• Doing research when I do not know something

I am :

• Patient

• Educator

• Curious

• I know how to adapt to the level of my pupil

• I want to be useful to others


Speaking-Agency employs people from all walks of life, whether you be a student, an expatriate, retired or have lived in the country all your life! Our jobs are flexible and made to work around you.

Here are our requirements:

  • Be more than 18 years old
  • Have experience teaching the language
  • Be a native level in the language being taught
  • NO minimum in French or specific academic qualifications needed!



‘Cool! I want to find a teaching job in France!’


We’d love to receive your application to join the team here at Speaking-Agency! All you need to do is take 2 minutes to fill in the application form here! A member of our friendly HR team will then get in contact with you in the coming days…


The advantages of the job: You have flexible hours and you have the opportunity to address all kinds of different topics as long as you master the subject. You can also adapt to your student's request!




Work in a bilingual school in Paris and across France


Looking for a job in Paris or somewhere else in France? Do you speak many languages fluently? Are you interested in teaching and do you want to improve your experience with young students? Speaking-Agency offers many job opportunities in bilingual schools. There are bilingual kindergartens, bilingual primary schools, bilingual middle schools or bilingual high schools so you can work with children from 3 to 17 years old. These prestigious schools teach in different languages: English, German , Spanish, Italian , Russian, Chinese etc..



Recruitment of bilingual teachers in Paris through Speaking -Agency

Professeur de langue

Experts in immersive foreign language learning, with babysitting and home courses. 


Speaking-Agency also offers bilingual school positions.


Speaking-Agency offers jobs in schools in Paris which put languages at the center of their teaching methods. Immersion in foreign languages from an early age fosters learning, also more and more parents are aware of this resource. So join a bilingual school and help children immerse themselves in a new language and a new culture.

Are you interested in the customer service sector, do you have proficient communication skills in one or more foreign languages such as Dutch, German, Portuguese, Norwegian, English, etc. and are you comfortable communicating with people? Speaking-agency is there to open the doors of bilingual schools in the major cities of France (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux...) to you.



Find the position that matches you and join the speaker community in Paris

Communauté de speakers

Speaking-Agency is the greatest multilingual talent community in France. Our core business is to find the best job opportunities for your multilingual talents. If you have teaching skills, find a job now with Speaking-Agency!  We select candidates who use interactive teaching methods within the learning process.  In order to succeed, share languages with students and offer a better perspective for their future.


Our job offers concern different type of contracts so the work may be suitable according to your schedule.


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By joining the Speaking-Agency community, you will also have the opportunity to meet international people during wine & cheese parties and other events organized especially for our multilingual talents!


Looking for a new job in Paris, France? Have a look at all our jobs in Paris France for English speakers. At the moment we offer jobs for expats in France and jobs in Paris France for non French speakers such as nanny jobs in Paris France.





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Speaking-Agency: the origins

Speaking-Agency is the brainchild of Antoine Gentil and Julien Viaud. The two entrepreneurs realized over the course of their studies that the best way to learn a language is to practice it abroad with people who have spoken this language since childhood.


The oral fluency of a native level-speaker means that they know the exact intonation of the words, the current expressions, the common vocabulary, etc.


The goal of Speaking-Agency is to enable people, especially children, to learn a language from a bilingual person without having to travel. In this way, Speaking-Agency helps to increase the level in foreign languages of France.


How to achieve this goal?

To achieve this, we use all bilinguals in a foreign language with, if possible, a minimum of experience (formal or informal) in the field of education or childcare.
If you are a student, expat, professional or not: we need you!

We offer a lot of offers with varied schedules and locations to help you find the one that suits you best in terms of proximity and makes your life easier with your schedule.


Take a look now at our bilingual job offers!



Where to find us

The meeting between our advisors and our speakers and future speakers takes place at our head office in the heart of Paris at 27 rue de Citeaux in the 12th arrondissement. The French capital is the city best served by public transport. Thus, wherever you are in Ile de France, you can reach us very easily.

If you live outside the Paris region, do not worry, we are present in major cities of France: Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Nantes, Toulouse, Marseille, Strasbourg, Rennes, ...


The relationship with our Speakers

Your well-being is our priority! For this, our advisors are at your disposal for any questions related to your situation at the administrative level, in terms of housing, transport, etc. We will help you in all your steps from the beginning, until the end of your adventure with us.

To promote exchanges in terms of good-plans, outings ideas, new meetings, we regularly organize evenings like the "wine & cheese" where the staff and all the speakers can gather around a glass of wine & a piece of cheese. In September we organize our biggest event: Life Start Paris. The goal is to help you in your steps to create a bank account, find accommodation, find health insurance. There is food and drink and a comedy show at the end of the event for everyone to have fun.

You really count, we are committed to human values ​​and wish the best for you at all levels: Whether in your housing, the administrative or your working hours. Our dearest wish for you is to make sure that Speaking-Agency remains for you an experience, proffesional, rewarding and unforgettable!

Why choose us?

  • An Enriching Experience