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Teaching jobs in Paris, France

Discover how you can integrate into a multilingual structure and teach new languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, etc..) from an early age.



Work in a bilingual school in Paris and across France


Looking for a job in Paris or somewhere else in France? Do you speak many languages fluently? Are you interested in teaching and do you want to improve your experience with young students? Speaking-Agency offers many job opportunities in bilingual schools. There are bilingual kindergartens, bilingual primary schools, bilingual middle schools or bilingual high schools so you can work with children from 3 to 17 years old. These prestigious schools teach in different languages: English, German , Spanish, Italian , Russian, Chinese etc..

Professeur de langue

Recruitment of bilingual teachers in Paris through Speaking -Agency


Experts in immersive foreign language learning, with babysitting and home courses. 


Speaking-Agency also offers bilingual school positions.

Speaking-Agency offers jobs in schools in Paris which put languages at the center of their teaching methods. Immersion in foreign languages from an early age fosters learning, also more and more parents are aware of this resource. So join a bilingual school and help children immerse themselves in a new language and a new culture.


Are you interested in the customer service sector, do you have proficient communication skills in one or more foreign languages such as Dutch, German, Portuguese, Norwegian, English, etc. and are you comfortable communicating with people? Speaking-agency is there to open the doors of bilingual schools in the major cities of France (Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux...) to you.

Communauté de speakers

Find the position that matches you and join the speaker community in Paris


Speaking-Agency is the greatest multilingual talent community in France. Our core business is to find the best job opportunities for your multilingual talents. If you have teaching skills, find a job now with Speaking-Agency!  We select candidates who use interactive teaching methods within the learning process.  In order to succeed, share languages with students and offer a better perspective for their future.


Our job offers concern different type of contracts so the work may be suitable according to your schedule.


By joining the Speaking-Agency community, you will also have the opportunity to meet international people during wine & cheese parties and other events organized especially for our multilingual talents!




Looking for a new job in Paris, France? Have a look at all our jobs in Paris France for English speakers. At the moment we offer jobs for expats in France and jobs in Paris France for non French speakers such as nanny jobs in Paris France.


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